• Wednesday - 03/01/2018

    On 28/12/2017, Assoc. Prof. Sc. Dr. Vu Hoang Linh, Vice Rector, representatives of leaders of the University of Science and leaders of departments and unions visited and greeted Vietnamese students and foreign students in the Me Tri Dormitory, 182 Luong The Vinh.

    Approximately 950 students of the University of Science are in the Me Tri Dormitory, including nearly 50 foreign students. They all expressed joy and excitement when welcoming the University leaders to visit on the occasion of New Year Eve.

    Representative of the University, Assoc. Prof. Sc. Dr. Vu Hoang Linh gave gifts to the students of Me Tri Dormitory and give gifts to students.

    Mr. Pham Dinh Viet - Director of Me Tri Dormitory (3rd from left) thanks to the University leaders and send the Happy New Year to all teachers

    Some images in the New Year greetings, visiting students in boarding:


    Laos students receive gifts from Vice Rector Vu Hoang Linh

     Vice Rector Vu Hoang Linh visits Myanmar students in Me Tri Dormitory

    First year students are surprised when the University leaders visit and greet for Tet in the Me Tri Dormitory

    Lao students prepare to welcome Tet

    Student Vilasack Boundchanthalard from Laos said, "I am very touched and happy to be the school leaders care, congratulations and give Tet gifts”.