• 23/05/2013
    In the morning of May 23rd, 2013, at Le Van Thiem Hall - 19 Le Thanh Tong, Hanoi, VNU University of Science (VNU-HUS) was in collaboration with the University Network of Southeast Asia (Asian University Network - AUN) to open the ceremony assessment at the program level following the AUN standard - the training program of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Biology.
  • 16/05/2013
    In the morning of April 16th, 2013, VNU University of Science (VNU-HUS) organized the Graduation and Masters’ Degrees Awarding Ceremony for 499 graduate students.
  • 06/05/2013
    On 06th May 2013, a delegation of professors of Hanyang University, Korea, leaded by Prof. Kyung-Joon Cha, Dean of School of Natural Science visited and worked at VNU University of science (VNU- HUS). Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Duy Cam – Rector, Dean and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Physics and Biology have received the delegation.
  • 20/03/2013
    Seminar "The Global Education Program: Sustainability Science, Technology and Policy" - The Global Education Program: Sustainability Science, Technology and Policy, Asia (SUSTEP Asia) by VNU University of Science (VNU-HUS) coordinated with the University of Tsukuba, Japan held from 20 to 23 March 2013 at VNU-HUS.